Our Company is successfully providing
Certified Data Destruction Solution

For nearly 10 years and to more than 500 companies

From Manufacturing Sector to Banking, Local or International, large MNC or SME, government departments and non-governmental organizations across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, we serve a wide range of clients.

Audit & Consulting

Our Company is an Asian Leader in secure, sustainable and responsible management of retired ITAD, IT Asset Disposal with a scope of services covering Data Destruction, ISO 27001/2, implementation of data protection Company Compliance, Compliance to European new General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR), preparation to Viet Nam Data Privacy Bill, asset Management consulting, Re-marketing (buy back of your obsolete product) and Intellectual property (dismantling and recycling).

Tailored Made Services

Our Company will provide you with services fully compliant with your Head Offices requirement, following the same international standards all over the countries where we have a commercial presence.

From small Consultancy Boutique Firm to Multinational Companies we are able to answer your specific needs.

Our Logistic fleet is trained to dispose couple of Smartphone to hundred of PC set, where ever your facilities are located, big city or Province.

On-site & Off-site Data Destruction

Our Company is the only Company to provide all data destruction solution both On or Off-Site.

On-site Data Destruction refers to destruction that occurs at the customer’s premises.
Off-site Data Destruction refers to any destruction that takes place away from the customer premises.

Annual Contract advantages

Save time and planify your IT disposal over the year!

  • No wasting time dealing with Taxes and admin documentt
  • Flexibility for disposal in schedule and quantity
  • Dedicated Personal Assistance